The core idea is to: "Figure out how to pepper spray grizzly bears using automated UAV patrols."

There is a need within the transportation, tourism and ranching industries to safely deter large mammals, such a grizzly bears or ungulates. These large and potentially aggressive animals require advanced or risky techniques for repositioning (or short-term relocation?). Often this involves tranquilizing, baiting, or close contact with humans which is dangerous.

Current exploration into behavioural modification through audio deterrents has been explored (see: cat videos for removing cats from a backyard). However these sounds are only considered a strong threat if they warn against an undesirable physical deterrent. (For example, the cats might be more likely to leave if the warning precedes a sprinkler system going off. The cat then learns to associate the sound with the potential for action. Erika Note: It would be great to have a paper back this up.).

Bear spray, or a high concentrate version of mace, is a good physical deterrent for large mammals, however administration requires close quarters. By constructing an automated mace-delivery system onto UAV technology and using sophisticated 3D modeling techniques for positioning this can assist with real-time day or night patrols and behavioural reinforcement. Example applications include temporary animal removal from hiking trails, roads or train tracks, deterring consumption of ranch animals, and mitigating negative behaviours such as eating food, car tires or other equipment in parking lots, campgrounds or other areas of high human activity (eg. cougars in Canmore).

My work attempts to address the challenge for 3D modeling of dynamic animals, which may come in a variety of shapes and sizes (eg. wolves, bears and coyotes are all undesirable for ranchers). For effective delivery, the orientation of the head and eyes must be located within 3D space to ensure accurate UAV positioning. This in turn requires my proposed 3D modeling system.

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