• SAP finished
  • presentation

Chang 2011~\cite{chang09b,chang11b}

  • get code up and running; ask questions
  • good interface – smart layout & design; use existing tools if needed
  • online documentation of process
  • test out examples:
    • prior datasets,
    • build own-interest datasets (zoo trip)
    • test on own-interest datasets
  • hook up to Kinect
    • data storage mechanism, especially with latency
  • apply code profiler / static analyzer – find bottlenecks
  • speed ups:
    • how to parallelize (and toss onto the GPU)
    • how to make faster/more effective
    • how to handle large scenes/noisy data?
  • with working system:
    • zoo trip
    • get permission for wildlife camera project

Industrial Application

  • Look into partnerships with O&G, CP rail, Transportation Canada/Alberta, Alberta Elk Commission, Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency (ALMA); connect with Alberta Fish and Wildlife who must provide relocation (where the bears come back anyways)
  • Intern to learn from 3D development approaches already being explored within industry (eg. MSR, Adobe, etc).

Industrial Professionalism

  • architecture – review common patterns, approaches, design patterns
  • structure/formatting
  • GUI design/layout, widgets, etc. (justify with existing philosophies?)
  • presentation
  • mathematical understanding
  • self-directed agile process:
    • Iterative, incremental and evolutionary: (1 to 4 weeks) while not necessarily market-quality, the goal is to have an available release after each iteration
    • what did I do yesterday?
    • what do I plan to do today?
    • what are my roadblocks? - and (quick) problem solving for how to address this
    • where does this fit in the big picture?
    • what would the needs of the stakeholders be? and where does it fit in?
    • Friday Recap: Overall accomplishments for the week. Directions for next week. Where this fits in the overall frame work.
    • auto-mated testing and unit-testing infrastructure, with possible test-driven development
  • review: design patterns, domain-driven design; challenge yourself to be a good programmer (eg. attention to detail on memory management)
  • test suites? github? other?
  • use of current technologies: html5, webgl, glsl; development of api, sdk

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