CPSC601.13 - Final Project

March 29, 2021, at 07:05 PMerika

Computational Techniques for Graphics and Visualization - Final Project

Off-Axis Aligned Symmetric Reconstruction
Erika Harrison
University of Calgary, 2012


With the increase in computational power, advances within 3D reconstruction have improved significantly, thereby expanding to the previous unexplored fields of architecture, historical reconstruction and biological analysis. Merging the 3D point extraction of the Microsoft Kinect with the symmetric recognition of Mitra et al. [18], we can further advance computer vision algorithms in 3D reconstruction. By merging the concepts of these two, we can attempt to address occluded region patching through symmetric registration. The process presented herein simplifies the task to occluded region identification, symmetric patch recognition, patch deformation through displacement optimization, and finally symmetric patch application.

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