CPSC601.47 - Final Project

March 28, 2021, at 09:53 AMerika

Tabletops and Interactive Surfaces - Final Project

TiltTable: Rolling Through Collaborative 3D Interaction
Erika Harrison, Mahmudul Hasan, Nicole Sultanum, Steven Longay
University of Calgary, 2009


The shared surface provided by large interactive horizontal displays enables collaboration amongst co-located users. Such displays are increasingly being placed in schools, museums, and other public settings. We present TiltTable, a multiplayer collaborative gaming application, which facilitates experiential learning, and allows for multi-touch 3D interactions on the SMART Table. The objective of the gameplay is to direct a ball rolling on a tiltable floating island towards its goal. Read more... The tilted orientation of the island is determined based on the number of touches on the island, their positions and pressure intensities. TiltTable supports unlimited touches and orientation independence within a 3D environment under perspective projection. During the gameplay, it allows players to engage in 3D interactions with transformable boxes. This is achieved through one-, two-, and three-touch techniques allowing for rotation, scale, and translation of boxes. We expect TiltTable to facilitate experiential learning and collaboration amongst co-located players.


Unfortunately I can't find the slides for the presentation, nor a copy of the video. They were both large files, and I likely forgot to check they were copied over to my home machines when wrapping up at the UofC. However, there are some other supplementals we did put together which I have around. These include:

A manual (look a little similar?):

A help document:







Change Levels

And some action shots from our video making. Note that we needed to film in the dark, otherwise the lighting washed out the screen for the camera.

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