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Featuring past and present work. Sometimes more code oriented, and sometimes more artistic. May include code samples, algorithmic approaches, or entire storylines on the process. You can also take a look at works in progress.

Project: 3D Static Reconstruction
C++, OpenGL, GUI, PCL library
Project: Symmetric-Based Occlusion Patching
C++, Qt, OpenGL, GUI
Project: Computer Vision Samples
C, Matlab
Project: Equal Area Spherical Projection
C++, Qt, OpenGL, GUI
Project: Optimization of Inverse Snyder Projection
C++, Qt, OpenGL, GUI, CGAL
Project: Interactive 3D Tabletop Game
C++, Qt, OpenGL, GUI, PhysX, Tablet SDK
Workplace: Graphics Bug Fumigator
C++, OpenGL, GUI, scripting, 3D file I/O, image editing, threading, networking, etc.
Workplace: Behavioural Simulation Expert
C++, OpenGL, GUI, AI
Workplace: Jr. Graphics Dev
C++, Qt, OpenGL, GUI, Volumetric Rendering, Agile

Project: Spherical Guilloche Patterns
C++, OpenGL, GUI

Project: Interactive Natural Environments
C++, OpenGL, GUI, manual writing, level of detail

Project: Ornamental Design Samples - Star Patterns, Tilings, Celtic Knots
C++, OpenGL, GUI

Project: Raytracer
C++, file I/O

Project: Hierarchical Modeling
C++, OpenGL, GUI, file I/O

Project: Computer Graphics Samples
C++, OpenGL, GUI

Workplace: GUI Developer
Java, GUI

Project: Fractals
C++, OpenGL, GUI


Online countdown employing canvas element from HTML5. Enables countdown date selection, units to display with optional 0-drop, configuration of text, thematic counts, celebratory actions, etc. Useful for whatever special date you desire: New Years, Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid, Hallowe'en, St. Patty's Day, holidays, birthdates, vacations, graduation and other special dates. For details on the "making-of" see here. Read more...

December 12, 2014, at 07:52 PMerika

CS488 - Sample Assignments

Computer Graphics - Sample Assignments

Samples of assignments 0 to 2 done in CS488 in Winter 2006. This was back in the day when OpenGL didn't use shaders, graphics processors were dual at best, the latest and greatest in game engine UIs was what you could make with Gtkmm, and texture sizes had to be powers of 2. Which I didn't discover until well after that assignment was due...Read more...

September 25, 2014, at 04:46 AMerika

CS798 - Assignment Samples

Ornamental Design, Geometry & Computer Graphics - Sample Assignments

Samples of assignments 1 to 3 done in CS798 in Winter 2006. These include celtic knots, regular tilings and islamic star patterns.Read more...

September 24, 2014, at 12:28 AMerika

PM370 - Final Project

Pure Math 370 - Chaos & Fractals Final Project

Infinite Binary and Trinary Fractal Trees and Leaves
Erika Harrison

A final course project for PM 370 - Chaos & Fractals visualizing binary and trinary trees derived from recursive, and fractal-based deviations. Read more...

September 10, 2014, at 03:21 AMerika

CS798 - Final Project

Ornamental Design, Geometry & Computer Graphics Final Project

Roulettes in Spherical Geometry - Guilloche Patterns on Fabergé Eggs

A final course project for CS 798 - Ornamental Design, Geometry & Computer Graphics implementing cycloid patterns onto planar, spherical and egg-like surfaces akin to the guilloche work of Fabergé eggs.Read more...

September 10, 2014, at 02:24 AMerika

CS488 - Assignment 5

A final project proposal is reviewed and accepted/rejected by the course personel before beginning. My project, accepted, is the generation of a prairie landscape, with wind simulation. The user interacts with the scene by moving an object (default sphere) along the fractal terrain, colliding, where appropriate, with the trees distributed over the landscape.Read more...

September 01, 2014, at 10:55 PMerika

CS488 - Assignment 4

This is the raytracer assignment. Ray-object intersection, shading and lighting computations, and file I/O are the standard components. Further is the requirement of a unique scene, and one additional objective. I chose to do anti-aliasing, in the form of super sampling, and reflection. Read more...

September 01, 2014, at 10:14 PMerika

CS488 - Assignment 3

This assignment involves familiarizing oneself with heirarchical modelling. In other words, the ability to take, for example, a puppet, and by moving it's arm, the child nodes - like the hand and whatnot - move accordingly and smoothly. Other requirements included implementation a user-friendly 3d/trackball-like rotation, and having z-buffer/backface/frontface polygon culling. Read more...

September 01, 2014, at 09:09 PMerika

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