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Based in Calgary, Alberta, I'm a proficient software developer with an interest in getting out to the mountains. I'd claim I'm an aspiring full stack developer, but that appears to be modern-day jargon for single person dev teams and I like working with people. I'm interested in a broad spectrum including web, GUI, graphics, algorithms and datastructures with vague recollections of design, testing, networking and security. I'm really liking the use of web-based development for platform independence.

I'm working full-time at Autodesk - an exciting company with numerous industry-standard 3D modelling products. My focus tends to be towards 3D, graphics/visualization and UI/UX. I attempted to complete a fun, project for a PhD in the 2010s, but at this point its becoming a fun hobby instead (See: A3D). Outside work, you might find me in the mountains, the zoo or at the library.

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