Friday, January 22, 2016

January 22, 2016, at 02:41 AMerika

Yesterday: (Last two weeks). Struggled wtih this website. It seems PmWiki has updated likely broken the use of Blog-It for posting. (Issues with formatting, and unable to associate with the blog it groups - via missing post controls).

Took time to go over Faramarz's feedback from the draft document of last fall. There are a lot of things that will need to be re-worked in whatever form it takes next. Started part-time work, and had bereavement issues last week.

Aliasing Issues
My drawers PCD Dataset

No Aliasing Issues!
My drawers PCD Dataset

(Yesterday) Finally worked out the issues causing aliasing on my in-house examples when loaded into SiftFu. Wasn't creating the depth files correctly. They appear to be accurate now, and generate better images. The stationary parts of the scene are not as smooth as desired, but this may be due to the dynamic nature of the in-house examples.

Today: Look at incorporating rigid feature labels for constructing volumetric representation in SiftFu. Visualize the results of this for the different groupings selected. Will need to look at extracting codebase from Matlab, or incorporating a GPU implementation for speed ups (its is awfully slow); as well as RGB colouring of results. Read more...

Roadblocks: N/A

Where Does this Fit In: Will have visual results of research's direction and a codebase that permits this. This will help me better identify roadblocks or areas of improvement.

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