Friday, November 14, 2014

November 14, 2014, at 11:47 AMerika

Yesterday: Discovered lists on Twitter. Have constructed one for general computer graphics. Have created a new user name cg_yyc to attempt to track computer graphics news in and around Calgary. A list of companies (though missing Halliburton's Pinacle and the Computer Modelling Group) and affiliates within the computer vision realm. There really should be a yyc_siggraph feed, but then I'd have to start a local chapter.

Starting to read Smashing UX Design: Foundations for Designing Online User Experiences by Jesmond Allen and James Chudley, 2012. Its available online through the University Library.
At the end of the day, tweaking the manually generated list of points from Excel, figuring out how load the custom file into Matlab, and eventually display the points, I discovered that generating N random 3D points on a sphere has already been solved. Now to incorporate the proof-of-concept for rigid body detection.

Today: Get 3D plotting of stationary feature points within Matlab. Then work on incorporating 3D transformations. Place hold in library for UI/UX books or find one online for continued motivation. Read more...

Roadblocks: N/A

Where Does this Fit In: Having 3D synthetic examples to work with is important in validating the developed reconstruction process. Recognizing the need for "having fun" with the part of graphics development that I enjoy is beneficial for overall productivity.

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