Friday, October 3, 2014

October 03, 2014, at 11:12 AMerika

Yesterday: Went through the future work/motivations suggestions from \cite{ross10} and \cite{chang11b,chang09b}. Affirmation of a couple of directions within development (non-rigid support, performance improvement), with a possible reinforcement of two-stage processing for supporting incremental/iterative updating (~\cite{chang09b}: 1. determine structure, 2. real-time tracking). Admin work for candidacy submission forms.

Today: Wrap up related-work section of the single author paper for candidacy. Finish mathematical descriptions. Consider checking out a couple more motivations and future work of other animated articulated research. Layout out candidacy presentation, incorporating these possible options as justifications for continuing with the PhD. Will also swing by the grad-studies career counseling drop-in session.

Roadblocks: Watch how much time is spent off-topic with colleagues. Read more...

Where Does this Fit In: The single author paper demonstrates to the committee my capacity to write which in turn demonstrates my ability to communicate effectively and share my ideas with a broader audience. By exploring other researcher's possible motivations and future work, I can improve my own justification for how the the project is important in the grand scheme of things, and worthwhile to continue exploration.

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