Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014, at 09:45 AMerika

Yesterday: (Wednesday) Reviewed PYXIS CRD to assist with group grant applications. Brief update meeting with Faramarz. Will need to show off results once I have them. May need to figure out how to perform graph representation within Matlab (perhaps there are existing tools) or parallelization for transformation calculations.

Have basic rotation of points implemented. Need to it to rotate about the object's midpoint and validate other rotations (eg. 0o).

Today: Have 3D rotations for rigid body motions about object's center. Mix up the 3D points, and be able to identify the points which transform rigidly with respect to each other. Visualize the process.

Review the PYXIS CRD for ways to reduce the page count - ie. succinct and precise wording.

Looking into getting the Kinect running within Matlab (link) and get back to Matlab group about the various toolboxes. Read more...

Roadblocks: Keeping my eye on the "prize."

Where Does this Fit In: Having 3D synthetic examples to work with is important in validating the developed reconstruction process. Working on something within the group helps with team motivation.

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