Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 04, 2015, at 02:32 PMerika

Yesterday: Generated a few PCD examples, including one with moving antlers, 3 moving books and books "moving" in 3D. Had issues with insufficient feature points being detected.

Today: Incorporated support for blending multiple types of feature point into a single tracking for frames. Also added support to have the series keep keypoints that are occasionally hidden (based on percentage of frames, but could be otherwise). NaN values are inserted when they are not present. This can increase the number of keypoints by three-fold. Need to add support within rigid object segmentation for these NaN values. Also, it appears there are already point tracking algorithms, which I might want to look into. Moving antlers still aren't detected, but might with NaN values... Read more...

Group meeting with Pyxis Innovation presenting. Apparently its my turn in a couple weeks...

Meeting with Faramarz:

  • Work on A3D report
  • Aim for Sept 20 Eurographics deadline. Need something:
    • Cool & shiny; ie. fundamental contribution
    • Have better results
    • Erika: faster, more effective, support more data
  • CPSC453 prep - think of how to motivate student interaction/thinking (ie. ways to ask them "why")

Roadblocks: N/A

Where Does this Fit In: Getting good experimental data assists with getting good results for validation of process and to compare for timing/results against prior work. Also drives next stages of development.

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