Thursday, October 23, 2014

October 23, 2014, at 02:25 PMerika

Yesterday: From Faramarz's meeting, I've installed Free Mind and have setup the Dropbox folder within my grad directory to increase likelihood of use. Trying to work out how not to duplicate notes. Created mind map project and fleshed out slightly. Within presentation, laid out sections for related work papers, and other elements. Time to flesh it out - keeping in mind ideal goal vs. phd project.

Today: Add slides relating to topics, fundamental mathematical techniques and papers from proposal, paper and reading list - start with a slide per-item, and fill it in as I go along (update latex paper notes as well). Meet with Faramarz to gain his feedback.

Future Todos: Create list of motivations and future work of other animated articulated research. Read more...

Roadblocks: N/A

Where Does this Fit In: The candidacy exam demonstrates my capacity to be an independent researcher and make meaningful contributions to the research community. This enables me to continue to my work in developing the animal3d project.

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