Tuesday, October 21, 2014

October 21, 2014, at 10:22 AMerika

Yesterday: Marginal updates to the presentation. I'm attempting to work out how to present the main contributions, current results (negligible - but related to what I've accomplished with the single author paper) and future work and timeline.

Today: Incorporate figures, stats and graphs from single author paper, as well as visualizations of ICP/NDT usage for registration. For the timeline discuss how we've picked up a copy of Chang's codebase, and plan to explore how it works for future improvements. Wrap up presentation conclusion, work left to do, and timeline adjusted from the proposal. I have the dry-run of my presentation today. The slides relating to topics, mathematical techniques and papers from proposal and paper will have to be added later in the afternoon and week.

Future Todos: Create list of motivations and future work of other animated articulated research. Start note-taking on reading list and fundamental mathematical concepts. Read more...

Roadblocks: Watch how much time is spent off-topic with colleagues.

Where Does this Fit In: The candidacy exam demonstrates my capacity to be an independent researcher and make meaningful contributions to the research community. This enables me to continue to my work in developing the animal3d project. The dry run offers a practise session and feedback from colleagues about how to present my work, and possible omissions that I should be ready for.

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