Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December 10, 2014, at 10:45 AMerika

Yesterday: (Tuesday) Wrap up thesis review. Provided decent feedback at the defense dry-run of colleague. Need to ensure better preparation for clear questions next time.

Cleaned up some discussion about applications as an automated patrol mechanism, adding it to the core motivation notes.

Attempted to get Matlab working with the Kinect. Depth is fine, but the colour causes matlab to crash. Bug report sent.

Stumbled across/remembered auto point tracking tool available from Tyson Hedrick at University of North Carolina. May need to skim through the implementation to see how its related to my own objectives (at least for when I'm looking for feature points down the road).

(Wednesday) Met with Faramarz to briefly discuss TA-ship. Forwarded possible internship location for summer 2015.

(Thursday) Mentally trying to figure out how to select blocks appropriately.

(Tuesday) Applied for TA-ship. Emailed to suggest possibly acting as TA-in-residence, though questioning whether I should have something more technical. Group meeting on mathematical explorations in PuPs from group member.

Today: Document approach for segmentation in latex for possible future writing/papers. Visualize graph representation of the point clouds within this process. Tweak/implement transformation-based validation (ie. step 2 of process). Generate a file-loading for test cases so there is consistency in process validation. Read more...

Roadblocks: Not being overwhelmed, being realistic, and taking it baby-step by baby-step.

Where Does this Fit In: Having 3D synthetic examples to work with is important in validating the developed reconstruction process. Developing good visualizations - as well as a mathematical discussion of the process - along the way helps demonstrate proof-of-concepts, provides affirmation of skill sets for resource/backing requests, and justifies the direction to be taken. Determining a path to follow.

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