Fun Specs for WFH

April 28, 2021, at 06:07 PMerika

Had a conversation earlier today about how I've got my system setup for working from home. So:

  • Desktop (mine)
  • Surface laptop (work's)
    • Sits on a cookie cooling rack to deter overheating
  • Dell Universal Dock 6000 (mine)
    • Contains: HDMI and DisplayPort ports, USB ports, LAN; using USB or USB-C to connect to the Surface laptop
    • My three home monitors are all hooked up to the display port
    • Connected to Surface laptop via USB-C
  • Wireless keyboard (with two Windows keys, thank you very much) and mouse (mine)
  • KVM Switch (mine)
    • Only using the mouse and keyboard connectors
    • Connected to desktop and dell dock
    • Video uses VGA, and is therefore not connected - someday I might get an HDMI-oriented KVM, however...
  • Monitors - 3 Dell monitors (mine - mostly used from Kijiji)
    • Each hooked up to dell dock and desktop via HDMI and DisplayPort (yes, its a lot of video cables...)
    • Each monitor has been "programmed" so its buttons allow for easy switching of the input source via preset modes
    • 1080 x 1920; 2560 x 1600 and 1200 x 1920
  • Webcam (mine)
    • This is manually swapped between work and and home PC. I don't use it very often for home-based things, so its not really a bother
  • Headphones (mine)
    • Sony WH-1000XM3
    • Connect via bluetooth, so when swapping, re-pair with the respective computer

For working from home:

  • Laptop runs Teams, Slack, and other similar communications. All A/V goes directly through it, rather than via the remote desktop (which doesn't make sense imo).
  • A subset of monitors are used for displaying the work environment / remote desktop. See notes on how to do that here.
  • I have a powershell script on my remote machine so when RDP invariably rearranges my windows layout, it resets to how I normally use it. Maybe I'll incorporate that here one day (uses GetWindow, SetWindow), but it sounds like some people have their own setups for this.

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